At Nature’s Path, our passion for nutritious, organic food starts with our family. Learn more about co-founders Arran and Ratana and their children, Arjan and Jyoti, below.


Arran Stephens has passionately helped pioneer the organic movement for over 50 years —before it became a global industry. Born on his family’s farm in 1944, he learned an invaluable lesson from his dad: “Always leave the soil better than you found it.” Bettering the earth, communities, and the world has been his lifelong work. 

Arran opened Canada’s first vegetarian restaurant in 1967.  In 1971, he opened a natural foods store and distributor of organic foods. In 1985, he and his wife Ratana founded Nature’s Path, which would go on to become the world’s largest independent organic cereal brand. In an age of sell-outs, Nature’s Path remains a proudly independent family enterprise, involved in farming, processing and sharing organic products worldwide.   

Arran’s, life-companion and co-CEO for many years —Ratana, son Arjan, and daughter Jyoti, help lead from the front at Nature’s Path, along with many hundreds of valued team members. The family has invested deeply in regenerative organic farming and farmland in Canada and the USA, via its Legend Organic Farms—supporting a higher-level of organic than the minimum required by USDA. 

Arran has received many high-profile awards during his career, including; an Organic Pioneer Award from Rodale Institute (2018) the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2002) and induction into the BC Laureates Hall of Fame (2020). 

Arran’s published works include Journey to the Luminous (Elton-Wolf, 1999), Moth & the Flame (online), and The Compassionate Diet—How What You Eat Can Change Your Life and Save the Planet, (Rodale Books, 2011). 

Since 2019, Arran has taken on the role of Chairman at Nature’s Path. In his spare time, he enjoys organic gardening, painting, and spending time with his grandchildren.  


Ratana Stephens founded Nature’s Path Foods with her husband Arran in 1985. As CEO and co-founder, she has grown Nature’s Path to become North America’s largest independent certified organic breakfast and snack food company, while remaining firmly committed to the mission of leaving the earth better than you found it.  

A dedicated student, Ratana studied psychology and Sanskrit at Arga University in India, where she also obtained an MA in English literature. She went on to become a college lecturer, before meeting her husband Arran and moving to Vancouver. 

Ratana remains at the center of every development within the company, which operates on the triple-bottom line of social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and financial viability, in that order. Since 2008, Ratana and Arran personally, and additionally through Nature’s Path, have committed to donating almost $40 million to various philanthropic and community service efforts.  

As a role model for women in business, Ratana’s contribution to the successful growth of Nature’s Path has been recognized by the business community through a variety of awards, including being named as one of Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network. Ratana has also been awarded the distinguished YWCA Women of Distinction Award for entrepreneurship and innovation, regarding her impact on business and sustainability. Most recently, she was honored with an Influential Women in Business Award by Business in Vancouver.  


Jyoti Stephens has a deep-rooted passion for sustainability and organics. As Vice President of Mission and Strategy for Nature’s Path, she is deeply committed to sustainable agriculture and the company’s mission of “leaving the earth better than you found it”.  

Jyoti leads Nature’s Path’s commitment to sustainability, including initiatives around ethical sourcing, energy efficiency, waste reduction, community engagement and eco-friendly packaging alternatives. She works with cross-departmental teams to help manage sustainability goals and ensure the company is creating systems that reduce the unnecessary use of resources.   

Jyoti led the initiative to pilot regenerative organic farming at her parents Legend Organic Farm in Saskatchewan. The farm was the first in Canada and the largest globally, to receive the regenerative organic certification. She also led Nature’s Path to becoming the first organic brand partner to join Loop, creating the company’s first reusable granola container.   

Jyoti currently serves on Trust Protector Committee of the Sustainable Food and Agriculture Perpetual Purpose Trust and was a board member of the Sustainable Food Trade Association for four years.   

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Victoria and an MBA with a focus on Sustainable Food and Agriculture from the Pinchot University (Presidio Graduate School).  


Arjan Stephens is the General Manager of Nature’s Path Foods and President of Que Pasa Foods. Arjan believes our forks and wallets are powerful tools for change, and regenerative organic agriculture is the catalyst that will transform the world for the better. 

Since 2011, Arjan has led the launch of over 100 products at the company, growing the product fleet to more than 350. Arjan also launched major brands within the company, including Love Crunch, Qi’a, and Nature’s Path Sunrise cereals. He also led the acquisition of Que Pasa Foods, expanding the brand to the USA and significantly increasing sales in Canada. 

Arjan and his wife Rimjhim are the proud creators of the Love Crunch brand. Originally created as a favor for their wedding guests, Love Crunch granola was such a hit that Arjan took the lead in making it an official Nature’s Path product. This indulgent, premium granola, now expanded to granola bars and cereal, revolutionized the granola market when it hit store shelves in 2010.  Arjan also created the Bite4Bite program so that for every bag of Love Crunch sold, the equivalent is donated to food banks across North America. To date, this program has donated more than $16.5 million USD worth of food, ensuring that food-insecure communities have access to healthy, organic food.  Love Crunch granola is emblematic of how Arjan combines his exceptional business skills and passion for innovation with a compassion for community.