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In this age of climate crisis, we have an urgent responsibility to protect our planet and preserve the health of our land, water, and people. We believe renewable energy is the way of the future and therefore cannot support the proposed pipeline expansion project. How we care for our earth today, and how we leave this earth for tomorrow is our collective legacy. Pipe up to help us protect the planet – now.

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Why We Care

Nature’s Path is a family-owned company with a history of activism and a commitment to standing up for causes we believe in. We have a mission to leave the earth better than we found it and in everything we do we aim to work in harmony with nature. We believe that access to clean water and food free of contaminants is a basic human right. We believe that the future of business, and of humanity, depends on our ability to find alternative solutions to fossil fuels, and we’re committed to working towards a climate neutral tomorrow.

The proposed pipeline expansion will result in an increase of coast-to-port tanker traffic, increasing the risk of an oil spill and disrupting sensitive animal habitat. A leak or spill could cause an environmental catastrophe whether on land or in water.

We invite you to pipe up to protect the planet by sharing your stance to leave the earth better than we found it.


Share Your Stance

Pipe up to protect the planet by creating your own shareable image with art contributed by local, BC-based artists.

Step 1: Choose an artwork

Step 2: Customize it with a message

How we leave the earth is our collective legacy.
Soil, not oil, holds the future for humanity - V. Shiva
Pipe up to protect: the earth, the animals, the water, the air, the people.
The time is now. Pipe up to protect the planet.

Step 3: Share it and support the cause


“More than two-thirds of all experts interviewed considered a 100% renewable energy future by mid-century to be both feasible and realistic.”
REN21’s Renewables Global Futures Report: 2017
“Electricity from renewables will soon be consistently cheaper than from most fossil fuels.”
IRENA’s Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017
“Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecasts that by 2030 two thirds of the energy spending worldwide could go towards renewable energy.”