At Nature’s Path it is our mission to always leave the earth better than we found it. Beyond our commitment to organic food and farming, as a triple bottom line company, we hold ourselves accountable to doing what’s best for people and the planet. (Scroll down to read about our 6 Sustainability Pillars.)

Our latest sustainability goal is for all of our packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.  One of the ways we’re working towards this is our recent partnership with Loop – a global reusable packaging program – as its first organic food company.

Humanity needs to come together and solve the crisis we’re in
- Jyoti Stephens

What is Loop?

A circular shopping platform that shifts the single-use disposable packaging of your everyday essentials to durable, reusable containers and zero-waste, “milk-man” style delivery.

Click the link below and sign up to find out when Loop is coming to your city.

Our Reusable Container

As one of 24 brands (and the only organic, independent food company!) to pilot the first circular shopping platform, we created our first reusable granola container.

Sustainability Report

Our annual sustainability report highlights the progress we make each year towards our targets.

View our 2019 sustainability report.

View our 2020 sustainability report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is circular economy? (vs. a linear economy)

Circular economy is an economic system that aims to minimize waste and makes the most of resources. In contrast to the linear economy of: make, take, waste; a circular economy is based on: make, reuse, recycle, remanufacture. It is a shift to sustainable consumption.

What is your packaging made of?

We want our packaging to be as environmentally friendly as the delicious products within, so we only use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, 100% recyclable cardboard and paperboard printed with vegetable based inks. In addition, all of our plastic is BPA free, and we steer clear of corn-based plastics that are made with genetically modified corn and are almost impossible for our consumers to compost. We are constantly working with our suppliers to improve our packaging – see above for our 2025 packaging goal!

How can I recycle your packaging?

All of our cardboard and paperboard is 100% recyclable.

Our ECO PACs and box liners are a #2 film and are recyclable where film recycling exists. We are constantly working with our suppliers to improve our packaging – see above for our 2025 packaging goal.

What about your products that come in plastic packaging?

In order to maintain our standards of freshness, so far we’ve had to use plastic – in addition to a variety of materials – in our packaging. But we have a new goal that by 2025 all of our packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Since 2007 we have been testing a variety of plant-based/ biodegradable plastics, but have yet to find a suitable materials able to keep our food fresh over the course of its shelf-life. We have had success in making changes to our packaging over the years to make it increasingly sustainable (see our “Our Path to Sustainable Packaging” timeline on this page).

We offer many of our products in bulk, zero waste grocery stores, and in Ecopacs. If you live somewhere that TerraCycle is available – or near a recycling depot or retailer that accepts flexible packaging – your plastic granola pouch may be recyclable in these instances!