If there are three things we know about kids it’s that they like fun, they like food, and they like animals. We’ve got a little of all three of those wonderful things on this page in order to keep your kids, and let’s be honest – you – happy.


Sometimes playing with your food can be a good thing – especially when it helps to develop motor skills. Your kids can snack on cereal and grapes while being ‘food architects’!


The best way for kids to learn about healthy foods is make it themselves! Try this snack mix recipe that can use any combination of cereals, nuts, seeds & dried fruit.


Don’t let the winter weather dampen your imagination. We’ve got a whole list of TV and phone-free activities to try – from our personal favourite baking to building forts and putting together a sensory bin.

Nature’s Path, you have managed to do the impossible. My 3 kids are eating cereal without any crazy colors or ingredients. That is a hard task when the kids are 10, 6, and 3! Their favorite even surprised me. It’s the Flax Plus Multibran Flakes! Nature’s Path, hands down you are awesome! Thanks from a happy mom!
Happy Mom

Breakfast Biscuits

Pack a Blueberry & Chia biscuit for a tasty snack on the ride home from school. There’s two in the pack so you can share.

Whole O's

Loved by all kids big and small – these gluten free O’s are tastier and more wholesome than the original. Eat ’em as is or thread them into a snackable necklace.

Superfood Bars

Pack a couple of Dark Chocolate Cranberry & Almond Superfood bars along to the weekend soccer game – one for the spectator and one for the sports star.

Crispy Rice & Rice Puffs

Use in a family-friendly recipe like these creamy peanut butter clusters, classic rice crispy squares or as the base in your morning cereal (everybody mixes their cereals, right?)