Nature’s Path Releases Its Second Generation of Limited Edition Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) Oatmeal

But 63% of people surveyed don’t even know what Regenerative Organic Agriculture is 

Richmond, B.C. (August 17th, 2021) – Nature’s Path – North America’s largest certified organic breakfast and snack food company – today released its limited edition Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) Oatmeal. All the ROC oats are grown using certified ROC farming practices, on a farm owned by the company’s founders in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In conjunction with the release of its ROC Oatmeal, Nature’s Path conducted a national survey to find out how much people know about Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

Despite the fact 62% of people surveyed say they regularly purchase organic fruits and vegetables, 63% say they are not familiar with Regenerative Organic Agriculture at all.

“While the results of the survey are disappointing, they aren’t surprising.” says Jyoti Stephens, Nature’s Path VP Mission & Strategy. “Given how new the Regenerative Organic Certification is, it suffers from low awareness. But the results of this survey have only further inspired us to double-down on our efforts to get the word out, especially about how both Organic and Regenerative Organic Farming can help mitigate climate change.”

Regenerative Organic Agricultures is deeply rooted in organic farming practices including eliminating fossil-fuel based fertilizers and chemical pesticides, both of which, on their own are key solutions to addressing climate impacts in the agricultural sector. Regenerative Organic is based on three pillars: First, a high standard of land management that focuses directly on practices that not only enrich the soil, but also help sequester carbon in the soil, supporting microbe biodiversity and combating climate change. Second, Regenerative Organic practices ensures the welfare of farm animals and wildlife, and finally, also ensures fairness for farmers and workers.

“There is a lot of hype about companies investing in Regenerative Agriculture to address climate change – but what most people don’t realize is that unless it is Regenerative Organic, this conventional practice still heavily relies on chemical and fossil fuel-based fertilizer and pesticides. Without a doubt, Regenerative Organic is one of the best agricultural solutions to climate change we currently have at our disposal. And we hope by increasing awareness through our own farm and products, we can help encourage more farmers to adopt Regenerative Organic practices, and for more people realize that what they eat truly makes a difference.” says Stephens.

After learning more about Regenerative Organic Agriculture and understanding the positive impact it can have on climate change, almost 84 percent of people surveyed said looking for products that were grown using Regenerative Organic farming practices was now very important or somewhat important in making their purchasing decisions.

“The more people learn about all the positives around Regenerative Organic Agriculture, the better it will be for the planet.” says Stephens.

Nature’s Path Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) Oatmeal is available nationwide at Target or online at Amazon, Thrive Market, and the Nature’s Path website


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Samantha Falk

Nature’s Path Director of Communications