When Founding members Arjan and Rimjhim Stephens were planning their wedding, they had a sweet idea. Instead of gifts, they asked guests to spread love around the world by volunteering or doing something they were passionate about. Volunteering is what brought Arjan and Rimjhim together, and they knew their guests would feel inspired to #DiveHeartfirst into something they love to make the world a better place.

Love in Bloom

“Love turns life into a blooming paradise”. That beautiful quote was wrapped around 500 tulips handed out by friends Hannah and Daniel in their hometown of Franconia, Germany. When they said the flowers were from a couple who wanted to spread love as their wedding present, Hannah and Daniel were met with countless warm smiles—and a few happy tears.

The collection of volunteer efforts by wedding attendees was named The Experience Giving Project. It unfolded into hundreds of heartfelt stories. Some guests took the chance to lead with heart by donating to hurricane victims in Haiti, fostering children in third-world countries and volunteering at community gardens—making sure that the love was felt far and wide around the world.

Experience Giving Stories

Love at First Bite

After inspiring friends and family to have a positive impact on the world, Arjan and Rimjhim wanted to thank their guests and couldn’t wait to #DiveHeartfirst into another passion of theirs: granola. Blending the sweet and the tart—and finding that delicious balance—they created Love Crunch, a decadent treat of dark chocolate, red berries and coconut. Love Crunch officially launched and other delicious flavors—like Macaroon and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter—soon followed. Later additions like bars and cereal kept the love flowing.

Snack Heartfirst

Delicious granola worth falling for.