What is Heartfirst?

What is Heartfirst?

When it comes to love, the head fights the heart. Leading heartfirst lets our heart win over our head – which usually overanalyzes and overthinks. When you lead with heart, you unlock your purpose.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to live heartfirst. Dive into your passions and make the world a better place.

The Power of Opening Up Your Heart

Two friends, Carla and Lennon, show us that there’s power in opening up your heart and speaking your truth after going through a loss. By inviting others to join them around a dinner table, they created a global community to help people heal, move forward and find joy.

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Rowing Across the Pacific

Eliza Dawson, a recent college graduate, dove heartfirst to bring awareness to climate change by attempting to row 2,400 miles from California to Hawaii. Her mission: to collect samples from the Great Pacific garbage patch and spread awareness of the impact plastic has on our environment.

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Leading with Heart Leads to Giving Back

From our origin came a heartfirst idea: The Experience Giving Project. People were encouraged to give back in their communities and follow their passions. This unfolded into hundreds of beautiful stories. One in particular warmed hearts, as a couple who handed out 500 tulips to strangers in a city hit with an economic crisis. The flowers were wrapped with the quote: “Love turns life into a blooming paradise”.

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Snack Heartfirst

You can make your mark and do good whenever you buy Love Crunch. As part of our Bite4Bite program, we donate the equivalent in cash and organic food to food banks throughout North America for every product purchased — up to $1 million every year.