Introducing our carb clean-take on keto. Crafted from certified organic ingredients, our yummy new lineup of cereal and granola meet keto requirements–without ever compromising on taste or nutrition. Packed with nutrient-dense plant-based ingredients and zero sugar added, these convenient and delicious products nourish the body and mind with whole food satisfaction, all while keeping our planet clean!

Nature’s Path Keto Granola

Our carb-clean take on granola, Ketola is made from nutrient-dense nuts and seeds. Flavored with natural sweeteners like monk fruit extract, Ketola is a scrumptiously healthy snack that keeps you in ketosis and curbs carb cravings.

Nature’s Path Keto Cereal

Cereal-ously delicious with a crunch that just won’t quit, we’ve swapped the grains with a certified organic navy bean flour and opted for natural sweeteners like monk fruit. Curb carb cravings while staying in ketosis!

Frequently asked questions about keto

What is keto and ketosis?

Keto is a low-carb, high-fat diet. The goal is ketosis, a metabolic state where the body switches to burning fats, rather than carbs, for energy. As glucose and insulin levels drop, ketones (a byproduct of fatty acid breakdown) start to rise. Gradually, your muscles, brain, and heart reduce their reliance on glucose and use fats and ketones for fuel.

What are the benefits of choosing keto products? 

Choosing our keto products is an indulgently delicious and easy way to stick to dietary choices undertaken for lifestyle and health.

With products made from nutrient-dense certified organic food that doesn’t compromise on taste or nutrition, our new keto-inspired line works to curb carbs while contributing to a healthy and balanced diet.

What is your keto granola made of?

Nuts and seeds replace the grains in this crunchy, organic granola that is flavored with natural sugars, like monk fruit and erythritol.

With healthy fats sourced from delicious ingredients like coconut oil, it’s easy to convert our snackably delicious Ketola into the fuel you need to stay full and fuelled.

What is your keto cereal made of?

We swapped the carbs and refined sugars for plant-based alternatives like certified organic navy bean flour monk fruit extract.

Crafted to stay crunchy, even in milk, our carb-cutting breakfast authentically replicates the satisfying mouthfeel of real cereal while keeping you in ketosis.

Where can I buy your keto products?

Please visit our store locator to find retailers that carry our products.