Keep the tradition alive!

You’re invited. Celebrated Nov 2nd, El Día de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is a family reunion that spans generations. For one night of the year, it’s believed the departed cross back to the world of the living for a night of feasting and merrymaking.

As a company born out of the love of Mexican culture (and cuisine), we’re all about bringing family and friends together. That’s why we’ve made it a tradition to honor the colorful and unique holiday of El Día de Los Muertos with a special edition package.

Celebrate Tradition with the Food You Love

Family. Food. Fiesta. Que Pasa. Like so many holidays, we know food plays a special role in culture—and vice versa! That’s why the masa used to create our deliciously healthy tortilla chips is milled using hand-cut volcanic stones, just like it was centuries ago. Baked up crisp and packaged in our eye-catching special edition bags, we hope our Day of the Dead Tortilla Chips works in some small way to uplift this unique tradition—and keep it alive!


How do you say hola to the dearly departed? With a beautiful and elaborately decorated ofrenda, of course. While customs across Mexico vary, the ofrenda is typically a multi-level altar constructed inside the home and decorated with the foods and mementos the departed liked best.

A picture of the departed goes at the top. Personal items and food are placed on the middle tier(s). Beyond guiding the soul, these belongings give new family members a chance to learn about their relatives. Is there a story behind grandma’s silver comb or uncle’s favorite pipe? Finally, glowing candles line the bottom-most level, although some families may include items like a washbasin and mirror. Not surprising—most of us like to freshen up after a long trip.

Other items typically found on or around the ofrenda include incense, sugar and chocolate skulls, and a plate of salt for purification. You may also see the marigold-like Cempazúchitl, with its vibrant golden petals strewn around. Combined with the incense, it’s believed the fragrance of the Aztec marigold helps to guide the departed home.


Satisfy Those Cravings

To really get into the spirit, you can’t forget the food! Hot chocolate, tamales, tortillas—ooh. The ofrenda is decorated with the food (and drink) the departed enjoyed most in life. One of the more popular offerings is Day of the Dead bread (pan de muerto), a round sweet bun infused with orange blossom and decorated with a crust of stripes and balls to mimic a skull and limbs. Food on the ofrenda is not for eating as it’s believed the dead consume the essence. However, there’s usually more than enough for any living relatives who wish to partake!

Check out some of our recipes inspired by El Día de Los Muertos. Spoiler—spicy, smoky, saucy, and delicious!

Win a Guitar

The Day of the Dead isn’t about mourning. It’s a celebration of life and remembrance. And what does every great party need? Music! As part of our Day of the Dead contest, we’re giving away a guitar. Be sure to follow our social media accounts for contest details and your chance to win.