What's In Season All Year Round [Seasonal Produce Guide]

Many people enjoy produce out of season. Eating out of season is certainly better than going without fruits and vegetables, but there is much to be said for enjoying produce in season. The produce tastes better, is fresher and has higher nutritional content; it’s also cheaper.

What's In Season All Year Round [Seasonal Produce Guide] - Nature's Path

If you are the experimental type, you can have a lot of fun by focusing on in-season produce. In North America, certain fruits and vegetables aren’t in season year-round. You’ll need to wait until the appropriate season for other produce, but your local farmers market should have plenty of tasty, seasonal organic food to keep the kitchen adventures going.


The group Fruits & Veggies-More Matters has a comprehensive website listing seasonal produce. Fortunately, quite a few (more than a few, really!) goodies are listed for year-round pleasure. They include:

If a fruit is out of season in your part of the country, it is likely in season elsewhere in the United States. For instance, in California, apples are in season from approximately July to November.

The sheer diversity of the United States means that some produce is in season in different parts of the country at different times. California is a good guideline for the rest of this article. After all, this state tops the list for agricultural production. Of course, factors such as weather can, at times, push the seasonality of produce a month forward or backward. The following list is divided into months, but many of the fruits and vegetables are in season for at least a month or two on both sides of the listed month.

What's In Season All Year Round [Seasonal Produce Guide] - Nature's Path


It may seem like nothing grows in the winter, but that’s absolutely not true. Some seasonal produce thrives in the winter time, such as dark and leafy kale or asparagus. Enjoy winter produce by incorporating it into hearty soups and stews, flavorful casseroles or comforting desserts.


What's In Season All Year Round [Seasonal Produce Guide] - Nature's Path


With the start of spring, the amount of produce in season begins to expand. We shed some of those comforting dishes of fall and winter, and opt for meals that are fresher and brighter. Think buddha bowls, colorful stir fries and yummy granola parfaits.


What's In Season All Year Round [Seasonal Produce Guide] - Nature's Path


Summer is often the major harvest season. Fruits are plenty and the heat can influence what we cook or make in the kitchen. To keep temperatures in your home cool, opt for nutritious green breakfast smoothies or overnight oats, hearty salads or other raw plant-based dishes. Don’t forget to fire up the grill and head to the park or beach for some good food and good times.


What's In Season All Year Round [Seasonal Produce Guide] - Nature's Path


There’s more to fall than pumpkins (and pumpkin spice for that matter). Root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and beets are some of our best friends for the season. We also love apple everything this time of year from apple pies, to crumbles to crispy apple chips. Fall’s seasonal produce really ushers us back into our kitchens to cook and bake all things warm and fuzzy.


Don’t worry if you do not live in California. This handy tool from Sustainable Table lets you input your state and the time of the year, or the produce you have in mind. Now get exploring; there’s no time like the present to enjoy in-season produce!

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