Our Organic Farming Journey: Regenerative Organic

Is it reasonable for all the farmers supplying Nature’s Path to embrace regenerative practices?” Our loveable Farm Manager, Stuart McMillan, has set off to answer this question as he runs Legend Organic Farms—the site where Nature’s Path’s first-ever regenerative organic farming trial is taking place, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

It’s not everyday you find someone with such a keen passion and commitment for organic farming. For Stuart, organic farming doesn’t just mean meeting its basic requirements—its holistic nature means that there is opportunity and a responsibility to go over and beyond the bare minimum, try new solutions, and make a difference in how food is farmed for people and the planet. Stuart’s drive and passion is just what is needed for our innovative new mission: to grow delicious, organic food with a technique called regenerative organic farming.

“Nature’s Path and this farm have always been committed to the highest level of organic possible,” says Stuart. “Regenerative organic farming really embraces that. You go further, when it comes to preserving and promoting biodiversity. You go further in protecting and maintaining your soil quality— there are a series of requirements, that, to be regenerative organic, go above and beyond being organic. But at its core, it does tie back into the basic principles of organic agriculture. Nature’s Path as a company, in my mind, has always been committed to the highest level of organics.”

Considered the next level of organic farming, regenerative organic farming has been done for millennia, but has been rediscovered for its revolutionary ability to help reduce climate change by pulling carbon from the air and putting it back into the soil, where it won’t heat the earth’s atmosphere.

The work that Stuart, Legend Organic Farm, and Nature’s Path has put into this trial has been immense, but is worth the work if it means answering questions about how to responsibly produce the most nutritious and wholesome food. “The beautiful thing about having this farm is they can ask me to end up trialing these ideas to see, ‘Is this feasible?'”

And that’s what’s got Stuart so fired up. Because along with restoring soil to its richest state, regenerative organic farming also protects everyone and everything around it, and could change the course of our planet’s health—bringing us a big step closer to our goal to leave the Earth better than we found it.

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