These Oats Help Save the Planet

Have you tried Nature’s Path Regenerative Organic Instant Oatmeal yet? We launched these limited edition oats in April 2020, in time for Earth Day’s 50th anniversary. This special oatmeal is made entirely of oats grown on our founder’s Legend Organic Farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, the first organic farm in the world to receive a silver level Regenerative Organic Certification® for oats by the Regenerative Organic Alliance.

Feel-good Food

When you enjoy a piping hot bowl of our delicious Regenerative Organic oatmeal, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting an agricultural and food production system that’s striving to have the highest environmental and ethical standards possible. A food production system that heals the earth instead of harming it.

The Same Oats Everyone Loves

These wholegrain rolled oats are the limited edition of our well-loved Original Oatmeal, and they are certified Regenerative Organic and verified non-GMO. Creamy, hearty, and simple oats, they’re a fantastic source of fiber and nutrients with no added sugar, so you can prepare your oats the way you want. This is how our Nature’s Path community loves to prepare our oats:

  • Overnight oats: a make-ahead breakfast that tastes like dessert
  • Hot, cooked oats topped with nuts, seeds, fruit, and butters
  • Baked oatmeal—the most comforting casserole!
  • Cookies, bars, and muffins for nutrient-rich energy snacks

Organic Oats: Such a Simple Idea

At Nature’s Path, we are committed to caring for the earth every day of the year. From our carbon neutrality roadmap to social giveback programs, we’re always looking for new ways to fulfill our mission of leaving the earth better than we found it. These oats are no exception: not only are they organic and ethically produced, they actually help fight climate change.

Here’s how: Regenerative Organic oats are grown in a way that, unlike conventional farming methods, improves soil health and sequesters more carbon from the atmosphere. And in taking carbon from the atmosphere—well, that’s exactly what the earth could use right now.

It’s pretty simple: how we eat can help save our planet. Grab a bowl and join us!

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