Nature’s Path Team Member Heather Keay On Giving Back

The most charming thing about Heather Keay is the fact that she honestly didn’t believe we meant to interview her. She was convinced it was someone else and at the end of the interview still said, “I think it’s really funny that I was picked!”

After a quick conversation with Heather, it became clear it’s no accident she stands out on the Nature’s Path team. Charming, funny, and a whiz at connecting, this Payroll and Benefits Manager could teach us all a thing or two about what it means to be a team player.

Tell us a little bit about your entrance into the Nature’s Path world.

I knew someone on my human resources board who worked here. When the job became available, I was so excited to work at Nature’s Path. Who wouldn’t want to work for Nature’s Path?

Good point. Do you align with their green values?

I’ve always been the environmentalist in my family, composting before it was cool to compost, recycling before it was cool to recycle. I would reach right in if someone threw out something that could be recyclable. I make my own laundry detergent and dryer balls! I do my part.

Even though you were humbly surprised to be picked as one of the team members who gives back, why do you think this was the case?

I really care about the team members. One of the big things I get to do every year is the health and wellness fair and have others get engaged about their benefits. We are here to sell our cereal, but we want to make sure that our team members enjoy the fair. We went onto the line and told them we would do their jobs so they could enjoy the fair. I was able to see what they did every day and made toaster pastries!

I like my team members to know I am there for them no matter what. I will help them to understand their benefits. If I am not the right person to help them, I will get through to the right person. If the kitchen is dirty, I will wipe it clean. Being a good citizen is doing your part.

What is your favorite part about the Nature’s Path crew?

My team members are really in tune with each other. I am here to support them. I like to see them giving hugs and meeting each other after work hours. They can come to a place that they love to come to every day.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love interacting with team members, putting a name to a face or a voice to a name. A lot of the people I interact with are on the phone, but I am interested in creating a one-on-one impact. We live in a digital world and we can feel isolated. It is possible to connect individually, rather than a mass email. I want to engage with each and every team member. I want to know their names and their kids’ names.

They aren’t just employee numbers. They are real people.

How do you promote positivity in your daily life?

Giving back with a smile does make a difference. That permeates people. I try to bring a positive outlook to make sure I come in and end on a positive note. That consciously can make my day brighter.

Where are you found on the weekends?

We are a big soccer family. My middle daughter (aged 13) is into soccer and every weekend we have some sort of excursion. We like to go for hikes and be in nature. Washington State is a beautiful place to be. I am a good recruiter because we came here from Missouri. Shortly after, my husband’s parents moved out, then his brother, then my sister, then my mother. I have relocated our whole family here! Once you get your hooks into Washington, it gets its hooks into you.

We think her family might be moving for a daily dose of Heather’s positive outlook, but hey, that’s just one theory…


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