How to Make Nice Cream

In this current summer heat, it’s nice to stay cool with an ice cold treat! We love nice cream because it’s a healthier alternative to regular ice cream, and it’s also super easy to make. Keep reading for some tasty nice cream recipes below:

How to Make Nice Cream - Nature's Path

Lucky for us, nice cream isn’t difficult to make. Most recipes are based from two ingredients: frozen fruits and milk (or non-dairy milk). This Strawberry-Banana Nice Cream pictured above is only made from 6 ingredients:

To make this nice cream, begin by blending bananas, maple syrup, coconut cream and vanilla. Stir in the mashed strawberries, and top with Love Crunch. Voilà! You’ve made a deliciously easy nice cream.

7 More Nice Cream Recipes to Try:

How to Make Nice Cream - Nature's Path

Now that you’ve got the basics down pat, here are a few more fun ways you can serve up your nice cream (starting with this beautiful Tropical Nice Cream pictured above):

In a Sandwich

How to Make Nice Cream - Nature's Path

Creamy, cool and refreshing! Real mint leaves and an avocado or coconut base gives this Mint Chocolate Nice Cream its signature flavor and color. Sandwiched between two Nature’s Path Sunrise Breakfast Biscuits, these make for a tasty treat!

Looking for even more variety? Try these Peanut Butter Nice Cream Sandwiches.

As an Affogato

How to Make Nice Cream - Nature's Path

For a sophisticated touch, add some coffee to your ice cold treat! If you’re craving for something cold and bursting with flavor, you’ll definitely want to try our Chai Nice Cream recipe. Make it extra indulgent by sprinkling it with some granola.

As a Parfait

How to Make Nice Cream - Nature's Path

What better way to enjoy nice cream than in a delicious parfait? Fresh mango, kiwi, and banana add a tropical twist to this delicious Tropical Coco-Banana Nice Cream Parfait. A layer of Honey Almond Granola offers a touch of sweet nuttiness and plenty of crunch!

On Its Own

How to Make Nice Cream - Nature's Path

Sometimes you have to enjoy vegan ice cream on its own in order to experience all of its flavors. This Creamy Coconut Nice Cream is only made from 3 ingredients! If you want to make this treat even more satisfying, add in a handful of Love Crunch Chocolate Cinnamon & Cashew Granola for a decadent topping.

Do you scream for more nice cream? Try our Banana Nice Cream with Love Crunch Crumble recipe.


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