Demand GMO Labeling - Your Action Needed Now!

Here at Nature’s Path we believe that organic, non GMO foods are the best way towards a healthy, sustainable future. As consumers it is our right to know what’s in our food and to choose the healthiest and safest foods feed our families. Every organic food purchase is a form of vote for our planet.

We need your support now – please take action with the imminent Support the Demand Labeling! campaign and make Quebec the first province in Canada to require the mandatory labeling of GMOs.

Do you live in the United States? Then this affects YOU too! Everyone in North America can take action today ad set a new precedent with GMO labeling, because WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW. 

What you can do NOW

The summit is being held on October 21st in Quebec, which only gives us a few days to take action.

1. Are you an individual? Please complete this quick form and offer your support for Demand Labeling.

2. Are you a an organization, company or farm? Please complete this form.

3. Share this link on social media, and ask your network to fill out the form as well.

Do you or someone you know speak French? Leave a comment here.

Learn more about GMOs and GMO labeling here.

Learn more about organic here.

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