8 Organic Food Companies We are Loving Right Now

Organic food is not just better for you, it also plays a huge role in improving animal welfare and saving the planet. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited about these eight food companies that are revolutionizing the organic food scene.


Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen has been an organic foods pioneer since they opened in 1987. They specialize in manufacturing organic and non-GMO convenience and frozen foods. In 2015, Amy’s opened its first restaurant in Rohnert Park, Calif, Amy’s Drive Thru. Amy’s Drive Thru is a take on the classic American fast-food joint. They serve veggie burgers, fries, sodas, and milkshakes on the menu, as well as soups, salads, pizzas, mac ‘n’ cheese, and burritos.


Impossible Foods

Biochemist Patrick O. Brown, the founder of Impossible Foods Inc., invented a “magic ingredient” that solves what he calls the planet’s biggest environmental problem – beef. Founded in 2011, Impossible Foods now supplies meatless products to more than 1,500 restaurants in the United States. Its signature product, the Impossible Burger, is made with ingredients like wheat, potatoes and coconut oil. According to Brown, he’s not interested in offering vegans another option. Instead, he wants to win over omnivores with plant-derived products that are so delicious, nutritious, and affordable they completely replace meat from animals by 2035.

Daiya Foods

Daiya is a rapidly growing plant-based food platform. Founded in 2008, Daiya was among the pioneers in developing delicious, plant-based cheese alternatives. Its line of plant-based food features Greek Yogurt Alternatives, Pizzas, Cheezecakes, Cream Cheeze Style Spreads, and wonderful cheese alternatives. Daiya is passionate about celebrating delicious food that is dairy, gluten and soy free.




Gardein is insanely passionate about helping the world eat less meat. According to the Gardein website, their meat substitutes are made from soy, wheat and pea proteins, vegetables, and ancient grains. Their wide variety of products from beefless tips to chick’n strips makes them a suitable substitute for many dishes.

Ripple Foods

Ripple foods are the creators of Ripple, a revolutionary plant-based milk that is both nutritious and delicious. Ripple milk boasts lower sugar content than most other milks. In addition, production uses 25 times less water than milk and has half the carbon footprint. Ripple is vegan-friendly, lactose, nut, and gluten-free and doesn’t make use of GMO products. The product is packaged in 100 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic containers, which 94 per cent of consumers can easily recycle.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a subscription service that sends healthy superfood eats to your home either weekly or monthly. Their products are packed with nutrients, pre-portioned and freezer ready. Their products range from ice cream to soups to stir-fry bowls. Daily Harvest makes use of an innovative ‘farm-freezing’ technique in which it freezes organic produce that has been picked at peak ripeness and frozen right at the farm to best lock in nutrients, according to the company. The food combinations are developed by a nutritionist and a chef, and the company is backed by big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is planting the future of protein. The company is most famous for its plant-based Beyond Burger. It was the first vegan meat sold alongside traditional meat counters when it launched in 2016. Since its inception, Beyond Meat has sold more than 11 million Beyond Burgers. Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio are among investors who have partnered with Beyond Meat to help propel its success.


Healthy baked sweet potato burger with whole grain bun, guacamole, vegan mayonnaise and vegetables on a board. Vegetarian food concept, light background.

New Wave Foods

Enjoy seafood made from sea plants with New Wave Foods’ plant-based shrimp. They make shrimp from algae and natural ingredients with no sea animal products. They offer both raw and crispy shrimp options. During blind taste tests, CEO Dominique Barnes reports that consumers had no clue they were consuming an algae-based replacement. Fishing for wild shrimp can be environmentally destructive and its carbon footprint is ten times greater than beef’s. That’s what makes New Wave Foods’ plant-based shrimp such a revolutionary innovation.


We are excited to see these companies, focused on sustainable plant-based products, that make choosing healthier options easier for everyone.


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