5 Gluten-Free Nature's Path Cereals

When eating gluten free foods, it should never mean going flavor or quality free. Though the same old stories may say only the opposite is possible, we’ve managed to create the seemingly impossible with breakfast oats that are organic, gluten free, and flavor-full! Here are five delicious Nature’s Path cereals that are gluten-free:


1. Golden Turmeric Cereal




I love this cereal!
“I especially like the crunchy-ness. Blend of spices is perfect, not too sweet as far as I am concerned.”

Our brand NEW Golden Turmeric Cereal combines deliciously crunchy flakes with nourishing turmeric spice for a totally unique breakfast experience + it makes golden milk!



2. Purple Bam! Cereal






Our brand NEW Purple BAM! Cereal combines deliciously crunchy flakes with a nourishing exotic superfood blend of baobab, açai and maqui for a totally unique breakfast experience + it makes purple milk!





3. QI’A Coconut Chia Superflakes




My Favourite Cereal!
“My children love the Cocoa Superflakes. It is hard to find good quality GF food that fills us up until lunch time.”

The first organic sprouted grain, superfood cereal on the market – we’ve taken cereal to the next level with delicious crunchy flakes and a simple nutrient rich ingredient list.

Our Qi’a Superflakes cereals come in 3 different flavors, and they’re all chock full of superfood goodness. Find them all here.



4. Sunrise Crunchy Honey Cereal




My New Favorite Cereal!
“Love these! Gluten free, good ingredients, tastes good. Great way to start the day.”

Although our Sunrise Crunchy cereals are gluten free – we made the honey flavored flakes, puffs & crispies so crunchy and delicious you’d never know the difference.

Our Sunrise Crunchy cereals come in 4 equally delicious and popular flavors! Find them all here.



5. Amazon Flakes




Love These!
“Love these as I’m gluten free. Just the right amount of sweetness! It’s the only one I eat. Don’t ever discontinue them.”

Amazon Flakes are a tasty cereal kids love with only natural organic ingredients that parents can feel good about. Made with only 3 ingredients, no additions of artificial flavors or colors, plus it helps save the blue macaws!

This isn’t our only EnviroKidz cereal that’s gluten free – in fact they all are! Browse our other EK cereals here.



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