11 of Our Favorite Instagram Posts Using Nature's Path Organic Cereals

How satisfying is the sound of cereal being poured out of its bag and into your bowl? Whether it’s to start your day or to end your evening with a delightful crunch, we too feel that same satisfaction when we see your beautiful tagged posts on Instagram.

From smoothie bowls to energy bites, here are our 11 favorite Instagram posts featuring Nature’s Path organic cereals:

Starting your day with Honey’d Cornflakes is like waking up to a bowl of sunshine! Top it off with yogurt, blueberries and almond butter for a complete breakfast bowl.

Organic cereal can be a breakfast topper, too! Sprinkle some Kamut Puffs on your smoothie for extra fibre without any added sugar.

We bet this smoothie made with Flax Plus Multibran Flakes will make you fuel good after a workout!

How genius is this drink? You can have some Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise Cereal with every bite when you layer it into your smoothie.

A little goes a long way when you add Qi’a Superfood Cereal to your meal! It’s an easy way to get some extra plant-based protein and fiber into your day.

We love this shot of Qi’a Coconut Chia Superflakes. It reminds us to practice mindfulness with every meal by taking the time to enjoy our food.

Does adding Cocoa Coconut Qi’a Superflakes to your chocolate chia pudding make it healthier? Hmm… yes! Who else is drooling over this decadent dessert?

We’re pretty sure this is one of the most epic vegan breakfasts we’ve ever seen. The EnviroKidz Panda Puffs and Maple Cinnamon Frozen Waffles really took this smoothie bowl to the next level.

Never forget that our Crispy Rice Cereal can be clumped together into delicious, portable squares. This is our kind of mid-afternoon snack!

These energy bites have a secret ingredient that you can’t see: the versatile Kamut Puffs. Simply mix them with medjool dates, cacao nibs and roasted almonds for the perfect little bite.

EnviroKidz Koala Crisp Cereal, slices of banana, and milk may seem simple, but you can highlight its organic goodness by placing it in a pretty bowl.

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