Dear friends, team members, and business partners

Our mission at Nature’s Path is to leave the earth better than we found it. This was wisdom my dad passed along to me on the farm I grew up on and has been our rallying cry for more than 50 years. As a food company, we are gravely concerned about how climate change will affect our ability to grow healthy food for the generations who will follow us.

Nature’s Path is inspired by young people around the world demanding that we take immediate action to address today’s climate crisis, and we will be joining them this September as a part of the global climate strike.

We are putting our vision into action. On September 27, Nature’s Path team members at our head office will be encouraged to attend the walkout to raise awareness and support the young climate strikers. We will also be providing in-kind food donations to support the strikers, and we’ll be sharing this critical message across our networks.

Climate change is putting immense pressure on the availability, access and stability of our global food supply chains. While agriculture accounts for close to a quarter of carbon emissions, if we manage our farmlands with regenerative organic practices, we have the potential to draw down almost a third of all the present carbon emissions now wreaking chaos on our planet.

We would love for you to join us and be a part of this important global movement.
For more information about what action you can take today, go to

For our children and for our future, we ask you for your support.

Yours for a better earth,

Arran & Ratana Stephens
Co-Founders, & Co-CEOs – Nature’s Path Foods

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We Stand for Organic

As pioneers of the organic movement we believe organic food and farming is the best way to care for our bodies and for the planet. We always have and always will use our voice to stand for what we believe is right – and what organic truly means.

We're Family Owned

As a fiercely independent family-owned company we answer to no one except our conscience and our customers. That allows us to make decisions that uphold our values and our mission to leave the earth better than we found it.

We Give Back

Together with our team of like-minded team members we host annual “foodraisers”, support local food banks and urban garden projects, help save endangered animals and their habitats, and much more. At Nature’s Path we work to eat well and do good.

Our Collective Legacy

We have an urgent responsibility to protect our planet and we believe renewable energy is the way of the future. Pipe up to help us protect the planet – now.