We Stand for Organic

As pioneers of the organic movement we believe organic food and farming is the best way to care for our bodies and for the planet. We always have and always will use our voice to stand for what we believe is right – and what organic truly means.

What Organic Means

We're Family Owned

As a fiercely independent family-owned company, we answer to no one except our conscience and our customers. That allows us to make decisions that uphold our values and our mission to leave the earth better than we found it.


We think that the fork (or in our case: the spoon) is your most powerful tool for change. Every time you grocery shop you have the power to change the world for the better. We make delicious organic products every family can enjoy so you can shop with your values and vote with your wallet – and still love the food you eat.

We Give Back

Together with our team of like-minded team members we host annual “foodraisers”, support local food banks and urban garden projects, help save endangered animals and their habitats, and much more. At Nature’s Path we work to eat well and do good.

Get Goodness Not Glyphosates

Organic oats give you all the good stuff and none of the toxins (like glyphosate) in your bowl of granola.