Summertime Beach Crab

You won’t have any ‘crabby’ snackers with this fun and healthy beachy treat!

  • 1 crab (3-4)
  • Image of something. Image of something.


  • 6-7 cups Gorilla Munch
  • 1 personal-sized watermelon
  • drink umbrella (optional)
  • wax paper (optional)


  1. Take a watermelon, slice it into 1″ wheels.  Carefully slice the rind off, and cut the watermelon into pincers, legs, a body and eyes.
  2. If using, cut out the wax paper to mimic the watermelon pieces, to keep the cereal from getting soggy.
  3. Pour the cereal onto a platter. Place wax paper on top of the cereal, and top with watermelon crab pieces.
  4. Place drink umbrella in the ‘sand,’ if using.