Jack-o-Lantern Breakfast Bowls

Combine the fun of Halloween and the great taste of fresh fruit, yogurt and EnviroKidz cereal for the most important meal of the day!

  • 3 Jack-o-Lantern Bowls


  • 3 Large navel oranges
  • Mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • Yogurt
  • Your favourtie EnviroKidz cereal


  1. Assess each orange to determine how best it sits upright and where you’d like to put the face, then cut the top off each orange just like you would a pumpkin. Using a small knife cut your jack-o-lantern face into the orange. 
  2. Next, using a tablespoon, scoop out all of the orange from the inside (don’t throw it away!) – being careful not to damage the face you’ve cut – until the inside is clean. 
  3. Press out shapes from the face and then start to fill up the breakfast bowls. Layer yogurt, fruit and EnviroKidz cereal until you get to the top, then serve for a scary start to the day!