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SmartBran Cereal, 300 g

We’re sinCEREALy obsessed with creating crunchy organic cereals that don’t compromise on taste or ingredients, so your spoonful (or handful!) is not only good for you, but for the planet too!

Reasons to love it:

  • So much healthy fiber!
  • Real, simple ingredients
  • Pro tip: try using these as croutons in a salad
  • Non GMO
  • Canada Organic
  • Kosher
  • Vegan
Additional Information Additional Information

Wheat bran*, oat fibre*, cane sugar*, psyllium seed husk*, barley malt extract*, oat bran*, whole oat flour*, sea salt. *Organic. Contains wheat, oats and barley. may contain tree nuts, peanuts or soy.

Other Flavours:
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What's in it?

Wheat Bran

Taken from the outer layer of the whole wheat kernel, wheat bran is very high in fiber.

Oat Fibre

Grinding the oat hull extracts the insoluble fibre from this nutritious grain.


A gluten containing grain, barley is a hardy cereal grain that is often used as a tasty alternative to wheat.

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