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Heritage Crunch, 400 g

You’ll love this delicious blend of our ancient grain cereal flakes, crunchy granola clusters, and warming cinnamon. Our nutrient-packed flakes were crafted with six ancient grains: KAMUT Khorasan wheat, quinoa, millet, spelt, oats, and barley, and one single serving comes with 31g of whole grains and 6g of plant protein. So you can start the day right, we created this hearty and tasty cereal, filled with simple whole food, and organic, non-GMO ingredients.

Reasons to love it:

  • Certified organic, non-GMO, and vegetarian
  • Made of six ancient grains and stays crunchy, even in milk!
  • 31g whole grains, 6g protein, and 6g fibre
  • Canada Organic
  • Kosher
  • Non GMO
  • Whole Grain
Additional Information Additional Information

Whole grain rolled oats*, KAMUT® khorasan wheat flour*, wheat bran*, cane sugar*, whole wheat meal*, whole oat flour*, soy oil*, spelt flour*, barley flour*, whole millet*, rolled KAMUT® khorasan wheat*, spelt flakes*, inulin*, barley malt extract*, sea salt, quinoa*, honey*, rice starch*, molasses*, cinnamon*, natural vanilla flavour, tocopherols (added to enhance freshness). *Organic. Contains wheat, soy, oats and barley. May contain tree nuts or peanuts.

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What's in it?

Whole Wheat

With the germ and bran still intact, whole wheat tends to be rich in B vitamins and other nutrients.


A gluten containing grain, barley is a hardy cereal grain that is often used as a tasty alternative to wheat.


Considered a superfood for several millennia, quinoa is famous for containing all of the essential amino acids and being gluten free!


A cousin of wheat thought to contain less gluten, spelt has a deliciously nutty and slightly sweet flavor.

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