Be part of this organic food movement.

Be part of this organic food movement.

Legend Organic Farm, owned by our founder and chair, Arran Stephens, is one of the first to earn the Regenerative Organic Certification® from the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA). This brings us closer to our goal of building a food movement that helps to heal the soil, land, water, and air.

What is Regenerative Organic Agriculture?

It is based on three pillars: a high standard of land management that focuses directly on practices that help sequester carbon in soil, the welfare of farm animals, and fairness for farmers and workers. This practice aims at pulling even more carbon from the atmosphere by using very specific farming techniques. For farms to receive Regenerative Organic Certification*(ROC) they have to apply to the Regenerative Organic alliance (ROA), and be inspected to the ROC standard.

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Our Regenerative Organic Certified Oats

What you eat can help save the planet. By choosing organic products like these Nature’s Path Regenerative Organic Certified Oats, you’re helping the planet by eating food that has been grown in organic soil, free from applications of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Healthy, organic soil has the ability to capture more carbon from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Organic foods help save the planet. Such a simple idea.


Agriculture Solutions for Climate Change

Regenerative Organic Agriculture is important because sustaining current forms of agricultural practices is not enough to regenerate soils beyond their current condition. We must focus on regenerative organic practices that heal and enrich the soil that supports us. It is this kind of soil that is able to capture carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in the ground, helping to reverse climate change. More than ever, farmers have an important role to play in fighting climate change, and we must support them.

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Learn more about Legend Organic Farm

Legend Organic Farm participated in the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) pilot program in 2019. It achieved silver ROC status, and received ROC certification for the season’s crops—the first and largest of its kind in the world. Legend Farm is owned by our Founder and Chair, Arran Stephens, and is managed by Stuart McMillan, a 25-year agriculture industry expert and passionate organic farming professional.


What is regenerative organic oatmeal made of?

Our regenerative organic oatmeal is made from oats grown on Legend Organic Farm, which is the first organic farm in the world to obtain a silver level Regenerative Organic Certification® for oats. So when you dig into a bowl of our regenerative organic oatmeal, you can be certain that your food was produced in a humane, organic, and sustainable way!

How do these oats help save the planet?

These oats are grown organically in healthy soil, which helps sequester more carbon from our atmosphere to directly fight climate change.

Why is this a limited-edition product?

This is the farm’s first harvest since receiving its Regenerative Organic Certification. To celebrate, Nature’s Path is launching this limited-edition oatmeal—the first of its kind in the world. We’re working with our farmers and suppliers towards helping farms get certified, so that products with the ROC label can be available all year round.