When you go choose high quality whole foods and ingredients that were grown in a way you can feel good about there’s no reason to feel bad when you – mindfully – indulge. Scroll down for some delicious indulgent ideas and to find out how to dig into your banana peanut butter nice cream without a worry on your mind.

Try Some Nice Cream

Blend up an easy banana nice cream and top with peanut butter dark chocolate love crunch for delicious vegan dessert that’s unbelievably good and good for you!

Mini Indulgent Moments

Pack a Love Crunch bar for a mini moment of indulgence wherever you go. Even better, dip it in your afternoon coffee for an easy take on biscotti.

Upgrade Oatmeal

Top a steamy bowl of oatmeal with this vegan brownie hazelnut butter and some juicy raspberries for a wholesome morning indulgence.

After trying all different brands of granola, perhaps being able to call myself a granola connoisseur, I have come to the conclusion that Nature’s Path has the best granola. Every time I purchase and open up a new granola brand, I get so excited, but I find that I ALWAYS come back to Love Crunch. I don’t know what it is- maybe the size of the granola is what I am used to, maybe it’s the amazing flavors (apple crumble and macaroon are my fav), maybe it’s the integrity behind your company (fairtrade for the win)?? I just know that I every time I’m on the cereal aisle and I’m looking at granola, the first one that catches my eye is always Love Crunch. I think I’m addicted.
Anonymous, USA

Choose Your Chocolate Wisely

Over 2 million children are working in hazardous conditions within the cocoa industry to bring us chocolate. Choose Fair Trade Certified chocolate to ensure cocoa workers receive fair pay and safe working conditions.

Go Organic

Cocoa is normally one of the most heavy pesticide-using crops. Choose organic chocolate to ensure the cocoa beans in your chocolate have not been treated with fertilizers or pesticides.