Que Pasa Turns Up The Heat With Organic Jalapeño & Lime Tortilla Chips

Richmond, B.C. (September 15, 2022) – Beloved organic tortilla chip brand Que Pasa® is thrilled to announce the return of a bold, exhilarating and totally unexpected flavour combination – Organic Jalapeño & Lime Tortilla Chips.

Made to simultaneously satisfy both savoury and spicy cravings, this new chip offering is organic, stone ground and made to share. A fiesta of flavours that will make your tastebuds go “WOW”, Organic Jalapeño & Lime Tortilla Chips reimagine the traditional, dippable snacking experience with a perfect balance of heat and tangy zest –  the party-ready, dynamic duo guaranteed to awaken your senses.

Aligned with the Nature’s Path Organic family of brands’ uncompromising commitment to encouraging consumers to Eat True, Organic Jalapeño & Lime Tortilla Chips – like all Que Pasa Products – are always organic, non-GMO certified, gluten free and vegan, made with only the most wholesome ingredients. Unlike typical corn tortilla chips that use processed corn flour, Que Pasa grounds whole corn kernels using volcanic stones – the traditional way of making tortilla chips that has been passed down through generations.

“At Que Pasa, we are fueled by a passion for creating real, organic food that is made to share with family and friends,” Says President of Que Pasa Organic Foods Arjan Stephens, “Everything we do is rooted in the belief that the best tasting and best for you chips come from plants grown in healthy, organic soil – the way nature intended. We are so excited to introduce this bold flavour combination to the Canadian market. With a touch of heat, and a pinch of zest we know that Organic Jalapeño & Lime Tortilla chips are guaranteed to turn any gathering into a fiesta.”

In 2012, Que Pasa joined the Nature’s Path Foods family. Both were independent and family-owned companies with a deep social and environmental commitment to organics and sustainability. Que Pasa and Nature’s Path go together like chips and salsa.

Que Pasa’s Organic Jalapeño & Lime Tortilla Chip will be available for purchase in 670g bags at membership-only, big-box stores, and in 156g bags across Canadian retail stores. Retailers include Real Canadian Superstore, Safeway, Loblaws, and Fortinos.


Que Pasa started out as a street-front deli in Vancouver, BC in 1983 selling authentically crafted tortilla chips. In 2012, Que Pasa joined the Nature’s Path family. Both were independent and family-owned with a deep social and environmental commitment to organics and sustainability. You might say Que Pasa and Nature’s Path went together like chips and salsa. Today, they sell tortilla chips, salsas and other products under the Que Pasa name, all organically made to share.

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Nature’s Path Organic Foods is North America’s largest organic breakfast and snack food company and produces USDA and Canadian Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified breakfast and snack foods sold in grocery and natural food stores in over 50 countries around the world. Committed to the triple bottom line   – socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and financially viable –  Nature’s Path works diligently to support communities and champion the cause of people and planet. Brands include Nature’s Path®, Love Crunch®, Qi’a®, Que Pasa®, Flax Plus®, Anita’s Organic Mill® and EnviroKidz®. Founded in 1985, Nature’s Path is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia and employs hundreds of valued team members at its four facilities in Canada and the United States.

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