Any kid can be an EnviroKid

We believe that kids have the power to change the world. Every little step you take you take can have a ripple effect that will help the planet in a BIG way! Through the simple act of not littering, less waste ends up in the ocean means fewer items sea animals will mistakenly eat as food. Here are a few ideas for you to take action – not tomorrow, but today! 


  • Turn off the water
    • While you brush your teeth and save about 3 gallons of water
  • Organize a toy exchange with friends and family!
    • It’s a fun way to refresh the toy closet while keeping it green!


  • Every part of our planet is home to animals facing extinction
    • Learn about an animal near you that needs help. Is there anything you and your neighbours can do?
  • Bees depend on you for survival
    • Help our buzzing little friends by planting a bee-friendly garden at home.


  • Kids are powerful!
    • Encourage your parents to take the bus to work or go for a family bike ride. Your choices can make a big difference!
  • Have you had your daily dose of nature?
    • Playing in nature is an important part of keeping your body and mind healthy.

Do you have other ideas that you want to share? Visit our Share Ideas page and let us know!

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