They're Turtley Amazing! [Sea Turtle Activities and Coloring Pages for Kids]

We think these ocean dwellers are turtley rad, dude. And we know you’ll think so too after learning more about them!


Sea Turtle Facts

  • These ancient creatures have been on Earth for more than 100 million years
  • Each species relies on a different diet: greens eat sea grasses; leatherbacks feed on jellyfish and soft-bodied animals; loggerheads eat heavy-shelled animals such as crabs and clams; hawksbills rely on sponges and other invertebrates; and the Kemp’s ridley prefers crabs
  • Six of the seven species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered

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Free Sea Turtle Activities and coloring Pages | Envirokidz

Sea Turtle Activities For Kids

EnviroKidz wants to help get kids (and parents!) passionate about animals and their habitats – and what better place to start than to learn a little about them!

Apply your knowledge and learn about sea turtles with our colouring sheet and activity sheet! Download them below.

Sea Turtle Coloring Page | Envirokidz

Download the Sea Turtle Colouring Sheet 

Sea Turtle Activities For Kids | Envirokidz

Download the Sea Turtle Activity Sheet

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