A Man Making a Difference Everyday

Arjan Stephens, our Executive VP of Sales and Marketing recently interviewed Mac, a friend in the community who is making a difference in kids’ lives every day.  

Mac is an everyday hero! Learn more about Mac’s impactful work and how he is giving back to his community below. 

‘Getting paid with the satisfaction of little ones eating food’ – Mac 

Nature’s Path is proud to donate $2 million worth of food to food banks to North America every year, as well as donating to smaller causes like the cereal and snacks that Mac delivers to his local school. 

“History often remembers the great philanthropists who donate millions but overlook the seemingly small but impactful donations and volunteer work by everyday people. Mac grew up in a large family in Rhode Island and often went to school hungry. When he moved to Vancouver, he saw that kids in our prosperous city were experiencing a similar situation. Without a good healthy breakfast, kids have a hard time concentrating and learning. Mac personally picks up and delivers food donations to elementary schools. He makes plans with the principals and teachers of the schools to ensure those most hungry can get a free organic breakfast to take home. He does this all behind the scenes and without a large charity organization to help him. We are very proud to support Mac. Today, we are celebrating Mac, the teachers and principals of the schools and most importantly the kids who now have a healthy organic start to their day!” 

If you would like to help kids out like Mac, you can donate to the Vancouver Food Bank to help kids in Vancouver schools! 

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