Learn About Chimps: Fun Facts & Activity Sheets

The animals on our cereal boxes aren’t just for fun. Every animal on our packaging represents an animal EnviroKidz supports. Each time you purchase an EnviroKidz product, 1% of the sales are donated to organizations supporting endangered species, habitat conservation and environmental education for kids worldwide.

EnviroKidz | Choco Chimps Cereal

You might’ve noticed our ‘Choco Chimps’ cereal features the Chimpanzees. Whenever you purchase a box of Choco Chimps cereal, you are helping to support the Jane Goodall Institute who rescues Chimps from commercial pet and bushmeat trade and brings them to their rehabilitation centre. The Institute also works with local communities and helps to protect Chimp habitats through conservation and education.

Chimps are human relatives who share 95 to 98% our DNA, and are more closely related to humans than gorillas. The Institute also works on improving the lives of individuals living near chimp habitats by combining conservation with education. (To learn more about chimps and the Jane Goodall Institute, read on here.)

EnviroKidz wants to help get kids (and parents!) passionate about animals and their habitats – and what better place to start than to learn a little about them!

Scroll down for fun activity sheets and colouring pages to learn all about the chimpanzee!


EnviroKidz | Learn about chimpanzees with fun coloring pages and activity sheets.

Fun Facts About Chimps

  • Their communication is very similar to humans – they kiss, hug, tickle, give pats on the back and touch hands!
  • They laugh when they play
  • Chimps are handy – they’re one of the few known species that make and use tools
  • They can learn American Sign Language (ASL)


Teach Your Kids About Chimps

Reading is great, but the best way to learn about chimpanzees is to apply your knowledge! Download our colouring sheet and activity sheets below to teach your kids about chimps.

EnviroKidz | Free downloadable chimpanzee coloring sheet!

Download the Chimp Coloring Sheet


EnviroKidz | Free downloadable chimpanzee activity sheets!

Download the Chimp Activity Sheets

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