Keeping Up With The Koalas [Fun Activity Sheets to Learn About Koalas]

A box of Koala Crisp does more than nourish your bellies with chocolatey goodness. Every time you buy a box of Koala Krisp cereal, you are helping to support the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF). These cuddly koalas are mostly nocturnal, sleeping up to 20 hours a day. Even though they spend most of their lives chilling in trees, they can run as fast as rabbits! Sadly, their habitats are fractured and fading, making them an endangered species. But the AFK is looking to change that through the conservation and effective management of wild koalas and their habitats.

The AFK has been partners with EnviroKidz for over 14 years. We’ve helped them map koala habitats across Australia – the only country where you’ll find these nocturnal marsupials. Through the mapping project, researchers have identified 700,000 square miles of valuable and vulnerable koala territory. Our funding has helped them establish a koala reserve at Quinlan’s, a hundred acre traditional koala habitat in the Australian outback.

EnviroKidz wants to help get kids (and parents!) passionate about animals and their habitats – and what better place to start than to learn a little about them! Scroll down for fun activity sheets and colouring pages to learn all about the koala!


koala mother and baby on branch


Fun Facts About Koalas
  • “Koala” is an aboriginal word for “no drink” – cuddly koalas get all their hydration from the eucalyptus leaves they munch on!
  • They munch on so many eucalyptus leaves, that they end up smelling like cough drops.
  • What’s the size of a jelly bean? A baby koala! A young joey develops in its mother’s pouch over the next 6 months.


Teach Your Kids About Koalas

Apply your knowledge and learn about koalas with our colouring sheet and activity sheets! Download them below.

Download the Koala Coloring Sheet

Download the Koala Activity Sheets


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