4 Dairy Free Milk Recipes [Vegan]

The satisfaction of making your own dairy-free milk isn’t the only reason why homemade milk tastes better than storebought. Homemade plant-based milk is often creamier since you can control the length of time the nuts, seeds or grains are soaked for. It is also fresher, adding a nice touch to your coffee, tea, baked goods or hearty bowl of cereal.

Here are 5 delicious dairy substitutes you can make with just a few ingredients:

1. Almond Milk

A pantry staple! Now you can make your own homemade almond milk with just 4 ingredients. For a creamier consistency, soak your almonds longer than the recipe calls for.

2. Oat Milk

Now you can have your oats and drink it too! This homemade oat milk is a great dairy substitute for those with nut allergies.

3. Coconut Milk

Homemade Coconut Milk

Who knew you could make homemade coconut milk with shredded coconut? No need to break open a fresh coconut for this recipe!

4. Cashew Milk

You have to make this homemade cashew milk if you’re looking for a hearty plant-based milk alternative.

Want more dairy substitutes? Check out these dairy free baking alternatives! 

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