20+ Activities for Kids Using Flowers

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy all of the beauty that nature provides us. One really fun way to involve children in nature play is by creating and playing with real flowers! Whether you plant a flower garden or find wildflowers on a nature walk, there are plenty of kids’ activities you can do with them. Here are a few to get you started.

Kids Arts & Crafts Using Flowers

Flowers can actually serve as really great inspiration for some beautiful kids’ artwork! Here are some fun ways to combine nature with art:


Outdoor Spring Bucket List for Families | Nature's Path


Play Prompts with Real Flowers

Engaging the senses creates lasting impressions and allows for greater processing of information. These hands-on play experiences using real flowers are not only fun, but are also educational:


20+ Activities for Kids Using Flowers | Nature's Path


Using Flowers for Learning

Fine and gross motor practice are important components of early learning, and incorporating nature into these practices is a really fun way to make learning enjoyable. Here are some ideas to try:


As we know, there are great benefits to outdoor play, and kids love to collect flowers while playing and exploring outdoors. These kids’ activities using flowers are such fun ways to incorporate a little bit of nature into early learning and play, and will put all of those collected flowers to good use!


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